Museum Administration: An Introduction

Museum Administration: An Introduction


Hugh H. Genoways, Lynne M. Ireland

Wondering what a museum director actually does? About to start your first director’s job? Looking for guidance in starting up a museum or working with a museum director? Hugh Genoways and Lynne Ireland have taken the mystery out and put common sense and good guidance in. Learn about everything from budgets and strategic planning to human resources and facilities management to collections and programming. Genoways and Ireland also help you tackle legal documents, legal and ethical issues, and challenges for the modern museum. Case studies and exercises throughout help you review and practice what you are learning, and their extensive references will be a welcome resource. (Arka Kapak)

Başlık Museum Administration: An Introduction
Yazarlar Hugh H. Genoways, Lynne M. Ireland
Baskı Resimli
Yayıncı Rowman Altamira, 2003
ISBN 0759102945, 9780759102941
Uzunluk 403 sayfa

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