Museum Branding


Margot A. Wallace

In today’s busy world, museums compete for visitors not only with other museums, but also with a worthy selection of cultural institutions from performing arts to libraries. Add to these magnets a slew of enticing leisure activities, from theme parks to jogging trails. Given a weekend afternoon with a little free time to spare, a prospective visitor has a tempting selection of destinations to choose from. Branding a museum helps it stand out from the crowd by giving it an image and personality with which visitors and supporters can identify, increasing their emotional attachment and encouraging them to return. In Museum Branding, Wallace offers clear, practical advice on how to brand a museum department by department, step by step. By highlighting case studies from museums of every type and size, she emphasizes that brains, not budget, create a successful branding effort.

Başlık Museum Branding: How to Create and Maintain Image, Loyalty, and Support
Yazar Margot A. Wallace
Baskı Resimli
Yayıncı Rowman Altamira, 2006
ISBN 0759109931, 9780759109933
Uzunluk 193 sayfa

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